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How to Fixed Table Header Using CSS

Fixed Table Header

Hello friends today I am going to share with you article in which I will let you know how to fixed table header using css where as in my previous Article I had shared Create Fancy Shopping Cart Dropdown and Integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP you may also like it. Yes I know it is a tricky solution so don’t worry I will tell you everything very clearly so that you can understand it better to use it with your own project or website.

Here I will use two different tables one for header portion and another for table data portion, both tables will be separated by different divs but one thing will be common for both table is they will have same css attribute that is table-layout: fixed;  this attribute will assign each th and td same width so that they can align equal for both tables for header section and for data section.

After all in this way I can have a scroller for data table so that It will look like fixed table header.

For more detail please look at codes given below or download the demo example by clicking on download button:

How to Create Fixed Table Header:

HTML Structure:

CSS Code:

JavaScript Code :


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