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Integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP

Integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP

Here we will perform to Integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP. As php is widely used for web build taking place or in ecommerce site. EBS stands for E-Billing Solutions.  EBS provides secure payment gateway for online payment supervision via fable card, debit cards and Net banking. Its reach into source system that is used for e billing. Any merchant or developer can join together this payment gateway almost the order of his/her website/application. Bellows tutorial I will rule by how to unite EBS payment gateway in core PHP. I have successfully managed to join together EBS payment gateway. EBS supports mostly all the programming language with HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP .Net, VB .Net, JAVA, Ruby a propos speaking Rails, Perl, Python etc. There are also several plugins avaliable to unite it in your application.

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There are three basic components of EBS integration. Firstly, well brief approximately basic components of EBS Integration. Given bellow the three basic page of EBS Integration.

Pay Page: This is the page of last step of merchant website back connecting to EBS. Its used for whole the customer Information. From this page it entire quantity the customer details and product details.

Rc4 Page: This file decrypts the EBS confession. So far-off-off, it’s used to decrypt the EBS response.

Response Page: This page is for receives the answer from EBS on prudence. There are several reponse code after execution the payment. It mainly take effect the status of your payment.

Now, well grow coding step. Given bellow the full example coding of EBS Integration. Follow bellows step to utter EBS Integration.

Step: 1

I have write bellows code for creating a form. Its my idex.php file. Just copy and gum this code and replace demo value.


Step: 2

In this step, decrypt the EBS right of entry. Write this step for get a recognition from EBS. I have created php file named Rc43.php.

Step: 3

In third step, page is for receives the confession from EBS regarding expertise. I have created php file named Response.php. using bellows code.

In the case of successfull payment, below code is applicable.

If payment is failed, for failed payment is below code execute.

Thats all made a PHP based EBS Payment system. If you point of view difficulty to combine EBS payment gateway in php, quality pardon to comment your suggestions in the region of this tutorial without any hesitation.



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